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It's About Love Online Program - w/live Coaching Parent & Professionals: Deepen Connections And Increase Your Own/Your Clients’ Capacity For Love, Attachment, And Bonding

Learn The Simple, Gentle Method To Foster More Loving Relationships And Create Healing For Your Family And For Your Clients

Let Body-Centered Psychotherapist, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, Educator, and Artist Margery Segal guide you on your journey to secure attachment bonding and connection with your child, if you’re a parent.

If you’re a professional, Margery will teach you a method that embraces the whole child and creates healing for the family.

It’s About Love Online Course w/ Live Coaching

Register now to get access to the program for only $797

"To say the 'It's About Love' course is amazing is easy. But let me tell you this - to offer a space where transformation can happen and keep a safe container is not easy. Margery does it with ease. As a practitioner I have knowledge that will benefit my clients and practice. As a human, I have compassion and skills that have immediately helped me shift relationships towards healthy connection. I highly recommend this class!"


Melissa Grogan

“Beyond her education and professional experience, Margery is insightful and thoughtful in her approach to working with moms. I’ve participated in similar programs and was particularly impressed with her offerings – especially the journal topics and third-party resources she provided. Highly recommend!”


– Jennifer Shaw Bonessi

Love is an interesting topic. Don’t you agree?

Who do you love?

Who loves you?

Do you like to be close to the people you love?

Can you feel comforted by them? If they comfort you, can you feel soothed?

“Attachment is the deep, recurring, reciprocal, and biologically based connection created between babies and primary caregivers.” – Myrna Martin

Did you know that the attachment relationship holds our beliefs about:

  • Our lovableness

  • Our safety in the world

  • Our parents’ ability to protect

  • Our sense of inherent value

In the It’s About Love 2 Online Course, we dive deeper into each of these love-related questions that are tied to our capacity for attachment, as well as how our attachments impact our beliefs.

“Margery has a beautiful gift for creating safe, sacred space to help others drop deeply in with themselves. She brings a loving, compassionate presence, a playful spirit, and a creative passion to all she does. Margery’s wealth of knowledge, skill, and expertise has offered me many opportunities for new insights, discoveries, and wisdom that have inspired many areas of my life.”


– Elissa Shapiro, LCSW and Movement Facilitator

This program is jam-packed. But the tools are simple and easy to implement. You can use them right away at home or with clients, and they’ll work immediately!

Here’s an overview of the sessions:

All classes will combine mini-lectures, experiential exercises, and group sharing. We will spend part of the class together as a group and then part of the class breaking up into smaller groups to explore and share about your discoveries in a more intimate format.

Module 1: Welcome and Introductions

This module will be our introduction to secure attachment, bonding, and connection with gentle exploratory

Module 2: Love is an interesting topic, right?

We will explore multiple aspects of love—romantic love, familial love, love loss, love of place, of babies, and of our bodies, and how, as adults, we’re just big lovable babies.

Module 3: Who do you love?

This module, we will begin to look at our relational styles and preferences through a combination of lectures, heartfelt conversations, and experiential exercises.

Module 4: How do you want to be treated when you’re vulnerable and need help?

In this class, we will explore the dance between survival and nurturing

Module 5: Disappointment, sadness, and loneliness

We will examine how disappointment, sadness, and loneliness are handled in intimate relationships and the effect they can have on important attachment relationships.

Module 6: The art of accurate reflection

This module we will look into the art of accurate reflection and its central role in developing strong identity. We will also talk about the impact of comfort and soothing, as well as their relationship to safety, rhythm, ease, and health

Module 7: A brief history of attachment theory

We will explore the history of attachment theory and why it affects you everyday, even when you don’t know it. Additionally, we will refine your learning from the class and how to apply it to enhance your current relationships.

Module 8: Our final class of the series

We will look at protection and its role in creating the circumstances for bonding. Finally, we will summarize the class learning and celebrate our time together.


By joining the It’s About Love program, you will…

  • Gain access to 8 group 2  hour sessions

  • Take part in experiential exercises to help you embody the principles to take your learning further

  • Join in open-hearted conversations among event participants

  • Learn somatic embodiment meditations

  • Listen to lectures on secure attachment, survival, among others

  • And much more!

Plus these added bonuses

  • Calming the Storm’ meditation

  • Guided ‘Letting Go’ relaxation meditation

  • Guided reparenting script to heal early attachment wounds

  • Coupon for a discount on Its About Love 2, a course that will build on the first Its About Love Online Course and will go in depth about you and your loved ones’ Attachment Styles.


“I’m so happy I signed up for Margery's love course, I was hoping to feel more loving, and now I am able to connect to myself, my family and clients in a more present and loving way. Margery and her team show such gentle kindness, which creates the open hearted learning.”


– Diana, ABM practitioner

Join the It's About Love Embodying Secure Attachment
Online Now
w/Live Coaching Starting
March 20th, 2023 6:30 pm CST


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“What a lovely experience! Margery created a magical place where I immediately felt safe to explore my connection with self and others through movement. It was fun and profound. I am forever grateful.”


“Margery offers a unique chance to reflect, process, and experience in such a beautiful way. The high level of possibility of exploration within a relatively short time is refreshing and elegant. Anything I brought with me during the days of meeting was perfectly ok, be it silly, frenetic, peaceful, small or big. I so appreciate her guidance and space setting for a group process like this.”

– M.B.

“Margery’s work is transformative. She has taught me how to listen to and help my son in ways I never could have on my own. Her work has helped me help him grow, and helped feel connected to him. For that I will remain deeply grateful and inspired by her work.”

– K.R.

“To say the 'It's About Love' course is amazing is easy. But let me tell you this - to offer a space where transformation can happen and keep a safe container is not easy. Margery does it with ease. As a practitioner I have knowledge that will benefit my clients and practice. As a human, I have compassion and skills that have immediately helped me shift relationships towards healthy connection. I highly recommend this class!"

– Melissa Grogan

About Margery Segal

Before becoming a movement therapist and earning a Masters in Counseling Psychology, Margery Segal was a professional dancer, choreographer, and theater artist who founded a dance company and directed a yoga and bodywork studio.


She is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist with a specialty in development and Pre and Perinatal Birth Attachment Therapy. She also holds a Master’s in Counseling Psychology.


Her certifications include Body Mind Centering® Practitioner and Teacher, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist with the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association, Infant Developmental Movement Educator®, Certified Pre and Perinatal Birth Attachment Practitioner, Hatha Yoga Teacher for all ages, among others.

Margery draws from all of these disciplines to work with any person who wants to overcome pain or restricted movement, seek recovery from trauma or stress, or become more fully connected with their own body and authentic self.

She also specializes in attachment, birth, birth trauma, adoption, developmental, and prenatal and perinatal issues. Margery is passionate about supporting and working with individuals and families with children with special needs.


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