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Our History

I am the parent of a child with special needs except now he’s a young adult with special needs. Although everyday now is not life and death like it was when he was very little. There are still days I feel that I’ve haven’t done enough to help him out in his life-and any roadblocks are because I didn’t do enough.

Well, guess what? I started taking Somatic trainings to learn things to help my son and, in the process, I learned that it mattered profoundly how I was doing. I learned he was forming his nervous system from my nervous system, and my nervous system was all jacked up.

At the time of his early childhood, we hadn’t lived in a steady home because we had put everything on hold and into helping him. We weren’t centered, we weren’t well, we got sick often and we were so stressed out. I wish I had known early on. That the parent’s health really affects how the child is. That therapy for the child needs to include therapy for the parents.

It needs to be one and the same. We need to help both the parent and the child to have a healthy outcome. They become the medicine for each other’s healing. When one does well the other does better and vice versa. It’s the best kind of interdependency when a family wants all its members to be well.


So that’s why I wanted to start The Somatic Child, I wanted to train people how to work with the whole family as well as the child, no matter what challenges are going on with the child. The foundation for this work is our heartfelt somatic approach to both the parent and the child.

– Margery Segal

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