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Starting this February, The Whole Movement Center, in partnership with Mark Taylor, will be offering an intensive, comprehensive course on Embodied Early Developmental Movement and Attachment Therapy. This course will be essential for those who work in movement-therapy-related fields, including yoga, dance, physical therapy, behavioral therapy, psychotherapy or early childhood development.

The modules for the course are described in a series of short videos on our site– you can find them here.

Take a look at the first module and listen as Margery describes a simple action that can help us use senses and perception to enter into a state of earned secure self-attachment.

What is “earned secure self-attachment”? 

This first movement module is geared toward those who were not exposed to a secure attachment style early in life, and who consequently could not rely on a primary caregiver to provide a sense of comfort and support during exploration.

Our training session examines many styles of movement therapy that address these and related issues, but in this particular module, Margery walks us through a simple exercise that can help us (or our children, patients, students or clients) restore an undeveloped sense of security and attachment using our own senses and preceptive abilities.

How can exercises like these support the therapeutic process? 

Move through the exercise described in the module and listen as Margery explains the value of this simple process. Our comprehensive training program builds complex healing modalities around straightforward descriptive concepts and exercises, just like this one.

Start planning now. 

Would you like to know more about the course? Reach out to the Whole Movement Center using the contact information on the site! Early registration will begin soon, and you’ll want to reserve your space in advance if possible.

Austin is rapidly becoming an innovative hot spot for movement therapy, and participants across the country are already making plans to travel to Texas for this memorable, fully immersive training experience. We expect the course to fill to capacity very quickly, so early sign-ups are recommended.Visit the site to learn more!

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