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“Beyond her education and professional experience, Margery is insightful and thoughtful in her approach to working with moms. I’ve participated in similar programs and was particularly impressed with her offerings – especially the journal topics and third-party resources she provided. Highly recommend!”

– Jennifer Shaw Bonessi

“I came to Margery with knee and hip pain that expensive physical therapy hadn’t helped with at all. Working with Margery, I saw enormous improvement, and am now able to sleep, walk, and practice yoga again without pain. For that alone, I’m extremely grateful. But I also got much more that I never expected – a greater connection with and understanding of my own body; awareness and release of old physical and emotional habits and patterns that were causing me pain, and just a greater confidence and presence in my body. It’s been a revelation. I recommend her to everyone.”

– Katherine Catmull, Writer & Actor

“Fabiana Marchiori is an amazing professional. It was my first experience with therapy and since then I have been consulting with her for the past six years. It completely changed my life. Her experience with several different methods, from movement and body therapy to self-expression through art has helped me develop so many different tools and abilities for my emotional and self-growth. Her caring approach makes me feel safe and trust her work completely.”

– Marilia Lessa

“Margery offers a unique chance to reflect, process, and experience in such a beautiful way. The high level of possibility of exploration within a relatively short time is refreshing and elegant. Anything I brought with me during the days of meeting was perfectly ok, be it silly, frenetic, peaceful, small or big. I so appreciate her guidance and space setting for a group process like this”

– M.B.

“Margery has a beautiful gift for creating safe, sacred space to help others drop deeply in with themselves. She brings a loving, compassionate presence, a playful spirit and a creative passion to all she does. Margery’s wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise has offered me many opportunities for new insights, discoveries, and wisdom that has inspired many areas of my life.”

Elissa Shapiro, LCSW and 
Movement Facilitator

“Margery Segal has worked with my daughter in dance/play sessions to integrate and become aware of movement in her day-to-day life, and to help her process some difficult emotional moments. Margery’s background in dance, counseling and Body Mind Centering gives her a unique perspective on developmental movement patterns and how they build upon each other towards a more fully formed individual. She is perceptive to children’s feelings and emotional states and is able to give concrete, simple advice for parents to facilitate their child’s growth and connection. Her playful, open demeanor helps kids to feel Margery is on their “level” and they trust her. In the sessions, Margery created space for me to connect with my daughter in a joyful, loving and holistic way – giving us precious time together that we miss in our busy lives. She has given me great insights into what motivates my daughter and what triggers some of her behaviors – because, as parents of special needs children – sometimes we lose perspective of our own children in the face of day-to-day struggles. I highly recommend Margery’ services!”

– Lizzie Martinez, Homeopath

“I am a licensed professional counselor with extensive training and experience in the field of trauma. I have been trained and certified in various somatic and experiential modalities and have worked with clients for over 15 years. The Whole Person Training series has rocked my world! (and I’m not even finished with the series) Through this training I have processed my own intrauterine and birth experiences – this has been personally transformative in so many ways. I have also gained the skills to do this with my clients. I have been able to sense more deeply into my body than I ever thought possible. I have found it wildly powerful to reconnect to the ways in which my body first moved – embryological movement. This primitive movement is the foundation for everything – regulation, connection, healing, and growth. These are just some of the things we learned, practiced, and embodied in this training. I was able to integrate my learning in my professional practice immediately. Margery and Mark create such a safe and rich learning space. They model and embody everything they teach – it’s truly magical. I simply can’t recommend this training enough!”

– Bettina Shultz-Jobe

“I met Fabi after going through a major trauma in my life that changed all my plans and took me off the ground. I was so lost that words would not explain. I had already been to another therapist but I did not feel safe and confident that I would be able to live with my anxiety and depression. My treatment with Fabi is unique, she has the sensitivity to make me think about things that I didn’t think before and I feel at peace after each session. Thank you, Fabi, for being this incredible professional that I admire so much. Thank you for helping me to live with myself.”

– Nam Joo

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