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All Children. All Parents. All Families. All Abilities.

Whole Child Somatic Development and Body-Mind Centering® approaches to wellness, therapy, and education for every parent, child, and professional who wants to move, grow and thrive.

Welcome to all the parents of children from hard places: children with special needs, sensory or behavior challenges, and developmental delays.


Our Approach

The Somatic Child therapy approach works to help families come into connection, deeply and profoundly, while learning the actions of secure attachment, embracing both connection and individuality.


Support for Families and Professionals

Our Somatic Child & Parent Therapies and Trainings start at the beginning with processing and understanding the birth, exploring how developmental movement is impacting present events, secure attachment oriented play therapy, bodywork, reflex integration, rhythmic movement, expressive arts, trauma recovery, emotional processing and parent sessions to mend mind, body, and spirit.


Parent Story Project

We are inviting parents of children of any age, in the womb or fully grown, to reflect on the following question: What lights you up about your special child? Here at The Somatic Child, we hope to foster a strong community among our families.

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