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Learning to manage moments of stress somatically

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Life has a lot to throw at us, reducing our capacity to handle our emotions when overwhelmed.


We can explode.


We can freeze up.


We can avoid it.


And that doesn't serve anyone, least of all you. It will strain relationships, can compromise your values leading to people pleasing, and develop unhealthy boundaries. Seemingly little things can trigger big reactions, leaving you frayed and tense more than not.


For many, it takes until adulthood to recognize, let alone equip ourselves with the tools to help us manage ourselves in moments of tension. If we ever do at all.


Do you wish you had learned those skills sooner?


What if you could teach your children how to handle themselves in "the storm" by modeling constructive behavior?


Because parenting is a lot to take on. When we're awash in stressors, ready to snap, and yet are expected to parent our kids, sometimes it's that final straw that breaks it all. We usually don't have an option to walk away from our kids and problems to take a moment because we still need to be there for them.


But you can set yourself up for success, by communicating and advocating for your needs to your harshest critic: Yourself! I want to empower you to manage your emotional responses in healthy, constructive ways.

I've made a straightforward guide to help.

My Guide for Calming the Storm illustrates clear, actionable steps to navigate moments of big emotion.


Learn how to approach three types of typical situations:

  • You need a moment

  • When you're upset

  • Something triggers you


And then create healthy, somatic responses, allowing you time and space to reflect and adjust.

Meet Margey, Founder of
The Somatic Child

I am a parent, too, and I had to learn the hard way, just like anyone else. These wonderful little beings show up one day, and while we do our best to prepare in the pending months, we know almost nothing about them and learn together as we go. 


My son was born with some struggles, resulting in developmental delays and other health issues, making it clear I needed to seek help. I took him to meet the acclaimed specialist and originator of Body-Mind Centering ®. Learning about this method was life-changing for my family. 


I moved our lives to a new state and school, expecting a change for the better, only to be left out to dry. Administrative support systems dropped the ball, leaving me to pick it up alone. I became frayed, unable to ground myself, and forgot I was allowed to be a human being who could feel.


So I started The Somatic Child to support people and children like me and mine. I write, dance, create art, and I'm a Somatic Psychotherapist.


I have developed this guide as a stepping stone into the world of somatic therapy, hoping that you and yours can come to the same revelations I did.



"Beyond her education and professional experience, Margery is insightful and thoughtful in her approach to working with moms. I've participated in similar programs and was particularly impressed with her offerings – especially the journal topics and third-party resources she provided. Highly recommend!"

"Margery has given me great insights into what motivates my daughter and what triggers some of her behaviors - because, as parents of special needs children - sometimes we lose perspective of our own children in the face of day-to-day struggles."

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