What a lovely experience! Margery created a magical place where I immediately felt safe
to explore my connection with self and others through movement.  It was fun and profound.  I
am forever grateful.
— Jackie B.

Margery has a beautiful gift for creating safe, sacred space to help others drop deeply in with themselves. She brings a loving, compassionate presence, a playful spirit and a creative passion to all she does. Margery’s wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise has offered me many opportunities for new insights, discoveries, and wisdom that has inspired many areas of my life.

Margery has given me great insights into
what motivates my daughter and what triggers some of her behaviors - because, as parents of special needs children - sometimes we lose perspective of our own children in the  face of day-to- day struggles.
— Lizzie M.

Margery Segal’s practice is therapy and touch akin to washing in a mountain spring. I experience no separation between the words, the seeing, and the nourishing beat of my heart. I know when I walk from her doors, we have dissolved the boundaries between
careful attention and action. My life is now more than I could expect.
— Tim H.