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Welcome to the







The Somatic Child


Whole Child Somatic Development and Body-Mind Centering® approaches to wellness, therapy, and education for every parent, child, and professional who wants to move, grow and thrive.

Welcome to all the parents of children from hard places: children with special needs, sensory or behavior challenges, and developmental delays.


Whole Movement Therapist


We take a holistic approach to supporting individuals and families with our therapy practice. We also support somatic learners and professionals in the fields of yoga, bodywork, psychology, therapy with the body, mind centering practice they need to not only transform themselves, but transform those they work with as well. Our practice is based on years of experience in the fields of somatic healing, body movement, dance and therapy. If you haven't experienced whole body movement yet, we'd love to have you join us for a private session or at one of our introductory day-long courses this new year.


The Whole Movement Somatic Body Recovery 10-month Intensive Program for Women ready to move through Life-Transitions

Have you gone through something major? Birth? Death? Illness/Health Changes/Injury? Menopause? Recovery from Trauma? Parenting? Caretaking? Divorce? Career changes?

A disruptive life event (even one we wanted) can cause a startling break in our relationship with our body causing betrayal and inexplicable loss. 

In this group you will deepen your understanding of how to repair your relationship with your body by moving through movement and body-mind exercises that will reveal your own way of connecting to your body and your heart. 

This an invitation to a unique somatic group coaching program for gently recovering your wings. Somatic movement, Developmental psychology, Internal Family Systems, and Expressive Arts are our corner stones. You will come together in Cohorts that will stay together for 10 months to support one another for expressive celebration, grieving, rebuilding your brain and body via early movement, and connecting deeply with your authentic being.

You will gather with other people who understand that to re-fall in love requires opening and healing hard places while cultivating and celebrating your body's birthright; it’s innate wisdom to regenerate your life force.

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