Individual Therapy

Our deepest psychological injuries often happen before we can talk. As small, vulnerable children, lacking verbal skills to express our distress, we instead stored the pain in our bodies.

Individual Therapy can help you:

  • Address anxiety, unfulfilled relationships, depression, anger, lack of focus
  • Heal illnesses or repetitive injuries, addictions
  • Connect to yourself in the best ways possible: by connecting the body to the mind and the mind to the body


Prenatal Birth Attachment Therapy

Prenatal, birth and perinatal imprints create patterns that can replay throughout your life. Our parents’ feelings about big events come right into the womb, where we are vulnerable to them. Often a tragic death or shocking event like earthquake or war that happens while we are in utero can influence us years later.

Prenatal Birth Attachment Therapy can help you

  • Identify events during your in utero experience that may affect you now
  • Gently repair and repattern the earliest imprints


Child Focused Family Therapy

We emphasize the child’s evolving relationship to their world which includes their parents, caregivers, body, mind, and senses–as well as their own desires for how they want to move through life.

Our Child-Centered Family Therapy is fun but goes deep. It strengthens bonding and connection, enhances emotional intelligence and improves developmental outcomes. 


Couples Therapy

What is your deepest need in your relationship? Is your voice being heard? Do you feel safe in the relationship?

I work with couples from an attachment-based orientation to heal underlying issues that get in the way of true intimacy. I can help. Are you ready to  deepen the attachment bond between you?


Whole Movement Somatic Therapy 

For infants, children and adults. My central focus is helping clients of all ages find joy in their movement and greater integrity of body/mind/spirit. I view the body and mind as one entity that is amazing and profoundly intelligent.  

Whole Movement Somatic Therapies help you:

  • Achieve powerful and essential developmental movement re-patterning no matter what your age, but especially for movement-challenged young ones
  • Heal physical strain and stress patterns
  • Enjoy your body
  • Re-pattern your body movements to uncover more ease and grace
  • Resolve shock and trauma
  • Strengthen your sense of safety and resourcefulness in the world
  • Deepen your connection to your authentic self and those you care about in your life
  • Become healthier and happier
  • Deepen your creative life


Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy & Psychotherapy

Cranial sacral Therapy is an amazing way of touching people. At its heart, it’s an entering into a relationship with another human being, but using touch as the way of exploring that relationship or supporting the body of the other person to move towards health.

Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy helps you: 

  • Balance, calm and soothe anxiety and depression.
  • Support health for auto-immune and medical challenges
  • Heal trauma from the inside with hands-on support




Please call to take advantage of a free initial consultation.
Phone: 802-324-1731



Margery Segal provides supervision for licensed therapists and LPC interns who are looking to develop a psychophysical approach to the practice of psychotherapy.

I offer supervision to Body Therapists who want to learn verbal skills and approaches to trauma repair. I offer a warm supportive environment and a combination of experiential exercises, education and case consults to help you develop your practice with multiple aspects of Somatic Psychotherapy. I draw on Counseling skills, Dance/Movement, Gestalt Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Prenatal-Birth-Attachment Therapy, Body-Mind Centering®, Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Developmental Movement.

I can help you apply and integrate elements of these approaches to therapy with individuals, couples, parents, families and infants & children. Contact me for pricing.

Margery with baby & ball.jpg

I’ve been going to Margery for Biodynamic Cranialsacral therapy — and I’ve had some amazing healing moments on her table, with some amazing and clear results — as in lowered blood pressure! She has a clear intuition and a lovely way of holding the larger picture, and each session leaves me feeling calmer and more at home.
— Lisabeth Sewell McCann
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