Resonating With Birth: Healing Early Trauma

APRIL 14  7 hours: $150

What ever was occurring while you were growing your body in your mother’s womb can determine how available you are to receive the nurturing aspects of life. By working with prenatal and early imprints we can learn to take in nurture and trust its resonance with our true heart.  In this course we will cover the intro to birth processing. You will leave with increased clarity on how your birth affects your adult life, both psychologically and physically. Once you learn the possibilities of the relationship between these, you will have the opportunity to experience gentle embodied exercises that help empower you to understand and make subtle and powerful changes in your present life.


Embodying the Dance of Attachment

May 11  7 hours: $150

Your primary attachment styles are formed in your first 18 months of life. Working with embodied practices, we'll begin to take a look at your own behavior in your personal relationships, and you'll gain further clarity about the interpersonal dynamics at play and in play with those closest to you. We will begin to explore variations in attachment styles from the felt sense of the body and the behavior and unconscious dynamics of the sensory-perception system. We will also focus on the moment-to- moment dynamics of relationship as experienced in our somatic body-mind and social nervous system. This workshop will empower you with the agency for yourself, and with more applicable tools for your clients as well as they seek their own empowerment.




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Phone: 802-324-1731


preparing for class

Some of the workshop will be sitting (either on chairs or on the floor, according to your comfort); some of the class will be moving freely in space; and some of the class will be lying on the floor. Here are some suggestions for what to bring:

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing in layers 

  • Bring a mat or blanket to lie on
  • Bring pillow(s) as needed for lying on the floor
  • You may wish to bring a notebook or journal for recording your experience 
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