Whole Movement Center Body-Mind Centering® Study Group

Somatic Course Series 1

Connecting to core self/creating dynamic connections

  • Class one:  connecting to core self/fluid movement patterns that underlie centering

  • Class two: connecting to core/reflexes that support connecting to self 

  • Class Three: connecting to core/reflexes that support connecting to others

  • Class four: connecting to space 1/the very moving dynamics of your personal kinesphere

  • Class five: connecting to space II/ Your super stratosphere: dynamics in space

  • Class six:  The interplay/connecting to others from the embodied core

Thursday Mornings 10-12 noon


Drop in on sale now $35

Series of 5 for $160

Student/low income: series $150

For registration and info email explore@wholemovementcenter.com



Autumn Study Group Series:

September 13, 20, 27

October 18, 25

November 8



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Phone: 802-324-1731

preparing for class

Some of the somatic courses will be sitting (either on chairs or on the floor, according to your comfort); some of the class will be moving freely in space; and some of the class will be lying on the floor. Here are some suggestions for what to bring:

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing in layers 

  • Bring a mat or blanket to lie on

  • Bring pillow(s) as needed for lying on the floor

  • You may wish to bring a notebook or journal for recording your experience

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