Birthing Yourself Womb Surround Process Workshop

Taught by Myrna Martin
workshop march 23-27

To RSVP contact Margery at 802-324-1731 or


about the workshop

Myrna creates safety and a nurturing “womb surround” to do deep regressive work through establishing interactive, empathetic and contact principles for the participants so they can actively support each other throughout the workshop.

Each of the 7 participants has an approximately 2 .5 hour session facilitated by Myrna to explore her/his own physical and emotional patterns from prenatal, birth or early origin. Each session is followed by a sharing of group members, integration and discussion. Participants heal and re-pattern early trauma and then bringthis healing to their current primary relationships and life.



  • Experience interpersonal trust and safety
  • Experience a commonality with others that enhances your sense of self
  • Transform your intimate relationships through these new learnings as you take these new tools for being in positive intimate relationships into your everyday life
  • Feel resourced and able to meet your life
  • discover your full aliveness that is part of your birth right
  • feel more at home in your physical body, and experience a deep felt sense of wellness and connection to flow
  • Gently release prenatal, birth and early traumatic imprinting and understand the connection of this time to present day life

To RSVP contact Margery at 802-324-1731 or


about the teacher

Myrna Martin has 40 years experience working with people therapeutically as a nurse, public health nurse, family therapist, Integrative Body/Mind Therapist and teacher (IBP), Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and approved Teacher.

She has been in full time private practice and teaching Pre and Perinatal Workshops, Seminars and full Professional Trainings since 2000.