The Whole Person: Embodied Early Developmental Movement & Attachment Therapy Course

This 250 hour somatic course series is designed for professional healers and educators, those who work with clients in a variety of modalities from psychotherapy and psychology to bodywork, dance, health and yoga. It is also for parents who looking to somatically understand pre & postnatal development themselves. This experiential training deep dives into early development and somatic movement education and by asking the student to utilize their own personal experience.  It is both therapeutic and educational for the participant.

You may use the 250 hours of EEDM training as credits toward completion of the 500-hour Somatic Movement Educator training of the Center for BodyMindMovement. (www.bodymindmovement.com) That certificate enables you to register as a Somatic Movement Educator and/or Therapist with the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (www.ismeta.org)


BodyMindMovement Weekend Somatic Movement Educator Training 2018 - 2021

This 500-hour somatic course trains you to work with movement facilitation, touch, and sound to support transformation. The SME Program has immediate applications in movement- based disciplines—such as dance, yoga, sports, and martial arts—and in therapeutic modalities such as psychotherapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, bodywork, and massage. Each of the 12 courses focuses on an aspect of developmental movement or a body system.

ISMETA-registered faculty will be led by Mark C. Taylor, director of the Center for BodyMindMovement.


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